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». 2.Infection à VIH – chimiothérapie. This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 00:08. Le syndrome de West, une forme rare d’épilepsie du nourrisson. Bexsero : quand vacciner Bébé contre le méningocoque B ? Elle doit être bien maîtrisée car une injection trop profonde augmente le risque d’effets indésirables locaux. Désormais plus ciblé, le recours au BCG reste fortement recommandé à tous les enfants à risque. According to Brazilian law, BCG is given again to professionals of the health sector and to people close to patients with tuberculosis or. According to a UNICEF report published in December 2015, on BCG vaccine supply security, global demand increased in 2015 from 123 to 152.2 million doses. BCG is very efficacious against tuberculous meningitis in the pediatric age group, but its efficacy against pulmonary tuberculosis appears to be variable. [81], A weakened strain of bovine tuberculosis bacillus, Mycobacterium bovis is specially subcultured in a culture medium, usually Middlebrook 7H9. Renseignez votre email pour recevoir vos newsletters : Renseignez votre date d’accouchement prévue pour recevoir votre newsletter. Les cas les plus sérieux peuvent entraîner de graves complications ou la mort. Calendriers de vaccination Vaccins Provinces et territoires; Abbréviations Descriptions CB AB SK MB ON QC Note de bas de page 6 NB NÉ ÎPÉ TNL YN TNO NU; DCaT-VPI-Hib: Vaccin contre la Diphtérie, la Coqueluche acellulaire, le Tétanos, le virus de la Polio inactivé et l'Haemophilus influenzae type B: Âge : Polish scientists are investigating[when?] Increasingly widespread after 1949. The BCG vaccine protects against tuberculosis, which is also known as TB. • Vaccin contre le méningocoque de sérogroupe B : Bexsero®. La protection des enfants nés prématurément repose, pendant les premiers mois de vie, en grande partie sur la prévention des contages. Many foreign-born persons have been BCG-vaccinated. Trials conducted in the UK have consistently shown a protective effect of 60 to 80%, but those conducted elsewhere have shown no protective effect, and efficacy appears to fall the closer one gets to the equator. Vaccination contre la tuberculose Le Figaro Santé L’administration intradermique du BCG est très délicate , en particulier chez le nourrisson. [88] But in 1895, Theobald Smith presented differences between human and bovine tuberculosis, which he reported to Koch. Le vaccin BCG peut être co-administré avec tous les vaccins du nourrisson et de l'enfant. Cependant, chez les enfants en bas âge et les jeunes enfants, elle peut aussi toucher d’autres organes, comme le cerveau. The World Health Organization (WHO) currently recommends childhood BCG for all countries with a high incidence of TB and/or high leprosy burden. Evans Vaccines (a subsidiary of PowderJect Pharmaceuticals). Une petite cicatrice demeure une fois la vaccination guérie. En pratique, pour limiter les effets secondaires liés au vaccin BCG, la piqûre doit toujours être faite en intradermique sur l’épaule. South Korea stopped re-vaccination in 2008. [4], The BCG vaccine was first used medically in 1921. ", Bacillus Calmette-guérin Vaccination to Prevent COVID-19 (ACTIVATEII). vaccine of increased stability", "Investigations of diseases of domesticated animals", "Two varieties of the tubercle bacillus from mammals", "Bovine tuberculosis and the establishment of an eradication program in the United States: Role of veterinarians", "An address on the combatting of tuberculosis in the light of experience that has been gained in the successful combatting of other infectious diseases", "Prevention of tuberculosis in macaques after intravenous BCG immunization", "The trick that could inject new life into an old tuberculosis vaccine", "Long-term reduction in hyperglycemia in advanced type 1 diabetes: the value of induced aerobic glycolysis with BCG vaccinations", "Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccination and clinical characteristics and outcomes of COVID-19 in Rhode Island, United States: a cohort study", "BCG vaccine protection from severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)", "BCG epidemiology supports its protection against COVID-19? A joint statement by the Advisory Council for the Elimination of Tuberculosis and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices", "Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices", "Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Information for Health Professionals", "Задължителни и препоръчителни имунизации", "Vaccinations against smallpox and tuberculosis are associated with better long-term survival: a Danish case-cohort study 1971-2010", "relatif à l'obligation de vaccination par le BCG des professionnels listés aux articles L", "A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices", "A tuberkulózis és a tuberkulózis elleni védőoltás (BCG)", "Coronavirus: More 'striking' evidence BCG vaccine might protect against Covid-19", "Tuberkulosevaksinasjon – veileder for helsepersonell", "Vacunas disponibles | Vacunas / Asociación Española de Vacunología", "Tuberkulos (TB) – om vaccination – Folkhälsomyndigheten", "The BCG World Atlas: A Database of Global BCG Vaccination Policies and Practices", "Millions of infants denied anti-TB vaccination", SARS-CoV-2 Rates in BCG-Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Young Adults, "Immunologic aspects of patients with disseminated bacille Calmette-Guerin disease in north-west of Iran", South African National Department of Health, "Évolution du calendrier vaccinal au Maroc", "BCG Vaccine Danish Strain 1331 – Statens Serum Institut", "Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccine Supply & Demand Outlook", "April 2012 Inspectional Observations (form 483)", "Sanofi Pasteur Product Monograph – Immucyst", "UPDATED: Merck again shipping BCG cancer treatment but Sanofi still is not", "Sanofi Canada vax plant again producing ImmuCyst bladder cancer drug", "Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine: A global assessment of demand and supply balance", "Preparation and properties of a freeze-dried B.C.G. In the summer of 1930 in Lübeck, 240 infants were vaccinated in the first 10 days of life; almost all developed tuberculosis and 72 infants died. Bien-Être. [91] Following the success of vaccination in preventing smallpox, established during the 18th century, scientists thought to find a corollary in tuberculosis by drawing a parallel between bovine tuberculosis and cowpox: it was hypothesized that infection with bovine tuberculosis might protect against infection with human tuberculosis. [25]. Tuberculose : un nouveau cas dans une école de Loire-Atlantique, Santé bébé : les examens médicaux obligatoires, Prématurité : le livre “Cœur à cœur” pour accompagner les parents et les bébés prémas. South Africa: In South Africa, the BCG Vaccine is given routinely at birth, to all newborns, except those with clinically symptomatic AIDS. By 1865 Jean Antoine Villemin had demonstrated that rabbits could be infected with tuberculosis from humans;[84] by 1868 he had found that rabbits could be infected with tuberculosis from cows, and that rabbits could be infected with tuberculosis from other rabbits. 3.Nourrisson. The main use of BCG is for vaccination against tuberculosis.BCG vaccine can be administered after birth intradermally. None have been proven, some have been disproved, and none can explain the lack of efficacy in both low-TB burden countries (US) and high-TB burden countries (India). In Malaysia and Singapore from 2001, this policy was changed to once only at birth. In the late 19th century, clinical trials using M. bovis were conducted in Italy with disastrous results, because M. bovis was found to be just as virulent as M. tuberculosis. If given subcutaneously, it may induce local infection and spread to the regional lymph nodes, causing either suppurative (production of pus) and non-suppurative lymphadenitis. A partir de quel âge ? [14], BCG seems to have its greatest effect in preventing miliary TB or TB meningitis, so it is still extensively used even in countries where efficacy against pulmonary tuberculosis is negligible. La vaccination sera notée dans le carnet de santé ou le carnet de vaccination : la date, le nom du vaccin et le numéro de lot. For non-resolving suppuration, surgical excision may be required. To improve security and to [diversify] sources of affordable and flexible supply," UNICEF awarded seven new manufacturers contracts to produce BCG. Maladie. Grossesse : reporter la vaccination après l’accouchement. The current policy is BCG Vaccination at birth, to all newborns. A complete atlas of past and present practice has been generated. Conformément à la loi française « Informatique et Libertés » n°78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée et au Règlement Européen 2016/679, vous pouvez demander à accéder aux informations qui vous concernent, pour les faire rectifier, modifier, ou supprimer, pour vous opposer à leur traitement par mail à ou par courrier à l'adresse suivante : Uni-médias, à l'attention du DPO, 22 rue Letellier - 75015 - Paris, ou pour demander leur portabilité, en écrivant par courrier à l'adresse suivante : Uni-médias, à l'attention du DPO, 22 rue Letellier - 75015 - Paris ou par mail à [4] Side effects are more common and potentially more severe in those with poor immune function. "[76], In 2011, the Sanofi Pasteur plant flooded, causing problems with mold. Une seule dose de vaccin suffit, pas besoin de rappel, ni de contrôle. [98][99] Some risks must be evaluated before it can be translated to human. A quoi ça sert ? Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) vaccine is a vaccine primarily used against tuberculosis (TB). [5][6], Rates of protection against tuberculosis infection vary widely and protection lasts up to twenty years. Most countries in Central and South America have universal BCG immunizations. Find out more about tuberculosis (TB) People found to have reactive tuberculin skin tests should be screened for active tuberculosis. BCG vaccination is carried out under the Expanded Programme of Immunisation (EPI). BCG vaccine side effects. Auparavant, le vaccin était réalisé avec la fameuse bague, mais celle-ci … [11] There are differences in effectiveness, depending on region, due to factors such as genetic differences in the populations, changes in environment, exposure to other bacterial infections, and conditions in the lab where the vaccine is grown, including genetic differences between the strains being cultured and the choice of growth medium.[13][12]. Il porte le nom des chercheurs qui ont découvert le bacille de Koch : le BCG – Bacille de Calmette et Guérin – reste le seul vaccin qui protège les bébés contre la tuberculose. [105], As of March 2020[update], while it is not known if the tuberculosis vaccine protects against COVID-19, it has been suggested for study. Pourquoi la couverture vaccinale est-elle insuffisante en The duration of protection of BCG is not clearly known. It was subsequently discovered that the BCG administered there had been contaminated with a virulent strain that was being stored in the same incubator, which led to legal action against the manufacturers of the vaccine.[93]. Malgré tout, chez les enfants qui ont un risque élevé de tuberculose, on estime que le rapport bénéfice/risque est bien en faveur de la vaccination. The main adverse effects are keloids—large, raised scars. Numerous medical studies on treatment of these abscesses with antibiotics have been done with varying results, but the consensus is once pus is aspirated and analysed, provided no unusual bacilli are present, the abscess will generally heal on its own in a matter of weeks.[28]. Sans pour autant disparaître totalement, la tuberculose a fortement diminué en France. [4], Serious side effects are rare. Leprosy: BCG has a protective effect against leprosy in the range of 20 to 80%. [110] BCG vaccine is being evaluated in Greece[111] and Poland. A systematic review and meta analysis conducted in 2014, demonstrated that the BCG vaccine reduced infections by 19–27% and reduced progression to active TB by 71%. BCG vaccine should be given intradermally. BCG has been one of the most successful immunotherapies. Par ailleurs, le vaccin BCG sous la forme d'un applicateur multipuncture et dénommé Monovax®, n'est plus commercialisé depuis 2005, ce qui contraint les médecins à recourir à l'ancienne pratique vaccinale par voie intradermique. [4] A small ulcer may also form with some scarring after healing. A word of caution", "BCG as an adjunct or alternative vaccine to prevent COVID-19? Dites-lui pourquoi il va recevoir un vaccin. The vaccination site in the right shoulder. From p. 598: World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, "Summary for ARTG Entry:53569 BCG VACCINE Mycobacterium bovis (Mycobacterium bovis (Bacillus Calmette and Guerin (BCG) strain) (BCG) strain) 1.5mg powder for injection multidose vial with diluent vial", "BCG Vaccine AJV - Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC)", "BCG Vaccine- bacillus calmette-guerin substrain tice live antigen injection, powder, lyophilized, for solution", "Effect of BCG vaccination against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in children: systematic review and meta-analysis", "In vitro culture medium influences the vaccine efficacy of Mycobacterium bovis BCG", "Chapter 8: Reasons for variable efficacy", "Genome plasticity of BCG and impact on vaccine efficacy", "Protective effect of BCG vaccination in infant Asians: a case-control study", "Failure of the Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccine: some species of environmental mycobacteria block multiplication of BCG and induction of protective immunity to tuberculosis", "Do successful tuberculosis vaccines need to be immunoregulatory rather than merely Th1-boosting? Then the powder has to be diluted with saline water before injecting.[83]. Pour éviter cela, on mise avant tout sur le dépistage de la maladie et sa prise en charge médicale. [4] It is not safe for use during pregnancy. BCG has protective effects against some non-tuberculosis mycobacteria. Iran: Iran's vaccination policy implemented in 1984. New Zealand: BCG Immunisation was first introduced for 13 yr olds in 1948. A number of different companies make BCG, sometimes using different genetic strains of the bacterium. [97], In rhesus macaques, BCG shows improved rates of protection when given intravenously. Calmette and Guerin transferred to the Paris Pasteur Institute in 1919. Vaccin BCG AJVaccines®. A noter : le vaccin BCG a surtout un effet de protection individuelle. Vaccination de l’entourage. Les informations vous concernant sont destinées à l'envoi des newsletters afin de vous fournir ses services, des informations personnalisées et des conseils pratiques. Vaccin BCG. In those studies showing a protective effect, the data are inconsistent. Quand faire ce vaccin ? [4] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines. ", "Treating BCG-induced disease in children", "BCG Adenitis-Need for Increased Awareness", "The role of BCG vaccine in the prevention and control of tuberculosis in the United States. The reasons for variable efficacy have been discussed at length in a World Health Organization (WHO) document on BCG.[16]. Il repose sur deux injections chez le nourrisson : l'une à l'âge de deux mois, l'autre à l'âge de quatre mois et un rappel à l'âge de 11 mois. From 2005 it is administered between five and eight months after birth, and no later than a child's first birthday. Avant cette date, souvenez-vous, tous les petits qui entraient en collectivité (crèche ou école) devaient être impérativement vaccinés contre cette maladie. [33][34], The age of the person and the frequency with which BCG is given has always varied from country to country. Cependant, le HCSP recommande qu’une vaccination néonatale, préférentiellement avant la sortie de la maternité, soit maintenue : en Guyane et à Mayotte, pour des raisons épidémiologiques et surtout logistiques ; Réponses. Morocco: In Morocco, the BCG was introduced in 1949. [82], Some BCG vaccines are freeze dried and become fine powder. [101][102], Use of the BCG vaccine may provide protection against COVID‑19. Effets secondaires du vaccin BCG Normalement, une fois que le BCG est donné (bras droit supérieur), une petite irruption apparaît au bout de 1 à 3 semaines et dure de 6 à 8 semaines. (Villemin, 1868), pp. Dépistage néonatal : quelles sont les maladies dépistées à la naissance . BCG. BCG vaccine can be administered after birth intradermally. Ce sont eux qui contaminent les enfants par voie aérienne, les petits ne se contaminent pas entre eux. BCG Vaccine Introduction. Tentative evidence exists for a beneficial non-specific effect of BCG vaccination on overall mortality in low income countries, or for its reducing other health problems including sepsis and respiratory infections when given early,[96] with greater benefit the earlier it is used. [30], If BCG is accidentally given to an immuno-compromised patient (e.g., an infant with SCID), it can cause disseminated or life-threatening infection. Aujourd’hui, la vaccination contre la tuberculose s’applique : Il est recommandé de vacciner les enfants à risque le plus tôt possible, dès la maternité. Because of opposition, however, it only became widely used after World War II. According to Iranian neonatal vaccination policy, BCG has been given as a single dose at children aged <6 years, shortly after birth or at first contact with the health services. Albert Calmette, a French physician and bacteriologist, and his assistant and later colleague, Camille Guérin, a veterinarian, were working at the Institut Pasteur de Lille (Lille, France) in 1908. Le vaccin BCG peut être co-administré avec tous les vaccins du nourrisson et de l’enfant. Ainsi la vaccination par le BCG ne sera plus exigée lors de erla formation ou de l’embauche de ces professionnels dès le 1 avril 2019. [85] Thus, he concluded that tuberculosis was transmitted via some unidentified microorganism (or "virus", as he called it). United States: The US has never used mass immunization of BCG due to the rarity of tuberculosis in the US, relying instead on the detection and treatment of. Pacis BCG, made from the Montréal (Institut Armand-Frappier) strain,[74] was first marketed by Urocor in about 2002. [4] There is no evidence that additional doses are beneficial. ... Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur son vaccin, le BCG, avec le Dr Patrick Aubé, médecin généraliste. Le Comité a examiné la politique suivie concernant la vaccination par le bacille de Calmette-Guérin (BCG) des enfants VIH-positifs. La réalisation des gestes techniques. BCG immunization generally causes some pain and scarring at the site of injection. [31] In 2007, The World Health Organization (WHO) stopped recommending BCG for infants with HIV, even if there is a high risk of exposure to TB,[32] because of the risk of disseminated BCG infection (which is approximately 400 per 100,000 in that higher risk context). [4] The vaccine was originally developed from Mycobacterium bovis, which is commonly found in cows. En premier lieu, la faible incidence de la tuberculose en France, avec 8 cas pour 100 000 habitants (le seuil habituellement considéré pour la vaccination étant 10/100 000). The BCG vaccine can be anywhere from 0 to 80% effective in preventing tuberculosis for a duration of 15 years; however, its protective effect appears to vary according to geography and the lab in which the vaccine strain was grown.[13]. Vaccin. The characteristic raised scar that BCG immunization leaves is often used as proof of prior immunization. Australia: BCG vaccination was used between 1950s and mid 1980. BCG, or bacille Calmette-Guerin, is a vaccine for tuberculosis (TB) disease. [109] BCG vaccine is in phase III trials in health care workers in Australia and Netherlands. The trial, based in, Interference by nontuberculous mycobacteria: Exposure to environmental mycobacteria (especially, Interference by concurrent parasitic infection: In another hypothesis, simultaneous infection with parasites changes the immune response to BCG, making it less effective. A qui s’adresse-t-elle ? Le seul vaccin disponible est désormais le BCG-SSI ®, vaccin danois du Statens Serum Institute de Copenhague (souche 1331), disponible depuis février 2004 en remplacement du vaccin BCG Pasteur ID, semence Mérieux dérivée de la souche 1077. TB is a serious infection that affects the lungs and sometimes other parts of the body, such as the bones, joints and kidneys. L’épreuve tuberculinique, encore appelée intradermoréaction (IDR) à la tuberculine, est seulement utile pour vérifier, avant la vaccination, que la personne (enfant ou adulte) n’est pas déjà infectée par le bacille de Koch, responsable de la tuberculose. 1.Thérapie antirétrovirale hautement active. China: Introduced in 1930s. The BCG strain was isolated after subculturing 239 times during 13 years from virulent strain on glycerine potato medium. Sri Lanka: In Sri Lanka, The National Policy of Sri Lanka is to give BCG vaccination to all newborn babies immediately after birth. Their work included subculturing virulent strains of the tuberculosis bacillus and testing different culture media. [4] Among children it prevents about 20% from getting infected and among those who do get infected it protects half from developing disease. [4] While it has been weakened, it is still live. 598–631. RECOMMANDATIONS PARTICULIÈRES. Mongolia: All newborns are vaccinated with BCG. Tout le monde connaît le BCG. In 1928, BCG was adopted by the Health Committee of the League of Nations (predecessor to the World Health Organization (WHO)). The most controversial aspect of BCG is the variable efficacy found in different clinical trials, which appears to depend on geography. Le vaccin BCG-SSI ® constitue un changement de galénique, de mode d'administration et de souche. ». La stimulation ovarienne : un coup de pouce pour être enceinte ? Inscrivez-vous aux newsletters Parents de votre choix. Two countries that have never used it routinely are the United States and the Netherlands (in both countries, it is felt that having a reliable Mantoux test and therefore being able to accurately detect active disease is more beneficial to society than vaccinating against a condition that is now relatively rare there).[94][95]. Vaccin BCG : Tous les traitements et médicaments de la classe thérapeutique Vaccin BCG. La vaccination contre la tuberculose est recommandée chez le nourrisson dès l'âge de 1 mois, idéalement au cours du 2e mois, et jusqu'à l'âge de 15 ans chez les enfants exposés au bacille de tuberculose. Thailand: In Thailand, the BCG vaccine is given routinely at birth. ", "Protective efficacy of a DNA vaccine encoding antigen 85A from Mycobacterium bovis BCG against Buruli ulcer", "Towards therapeutic vaccines for colorectal carcinoma: a review of clinical trials", "BestBets: Is medical therapy effective in the treatment of BCG abscesses? Vaccination was phased out 1963–1990. [24] Comme l’indique aussi le Pr Daniel Floret, « la tuberculose touche essentiellement les adultes. Le traitement repose essentiellement sur une association d’antibiotiques prescrits sur une longue durée, de 6 mois à 2 ans. Pourtant, dans certains cas, la vaccination contre la tuberculose reste fortement recommandée. Someone with a positive tuberculin reaction is not given BCG, because the risk of severe local inflammation and scarring is high, not because of the common misconception that tuberculin reactors "are already immune" and therefore do not need BCG. Israel: BCG was given to all newborns between 1955 and 1982. Un nouveau schéma de primovaccination à 2 doses chez le nourrisson de 3 mois à 5 mois avec un rappel entre 12 et 15 mois a été validé. L’idée selon laquelle les éventuelles marques laissées par le vaccin seraient moins visibles s’il était fait sous le bras ou dans la cuisse n’est pas un argument suffisant car le risque d’effets secondaires est majoré lorsque l’injection est faite ailleurs que dans le site recommandé. Comme le précise également le Pr Daniel Floret, président du Comité technique des vaccinations, d’autres raisons expliquent la décision de ne plus rendre obligatoire le BCG, comme « son efficacité qui n’est pas optimum et ses effets secondaires non négligeables. As. The BCG vaccine used in the UK contains strains of a bacterium closely related to the one that causes TB in humans. The MRC study showed protection waned to 59% after 15 years and to zero after 20 years; however, a study looking at Native Americans immunized in the 1930s found evidence of protection even 60 years after immunization, with only a slight waning in efficacy. [11][12], A 1994 systematic review found that BCG reduces the risk of getting TB by about 50%. [24] BCG vaccine has been the "standard of care for patients with bladder cancer (NMIBC)" since 1977. OncoTICE, used for bladder instillation for bladder cancer, was developed by Organon Laboratories (since acquired by Schering-Plough, and in turn acquired by Merck & Co.). [112], The WHO does not recommend its use for prevention as of 13 April 2020[update]. Ces changements font suite à des avis du Comité sur l’immunisation du Québec et touchent la vaccination contre les infections à pneumocoque chez les nourrissons ainsi que la vaccination … Systemic anti-tuberculous therapy may be helpful in severe complications. Dr. R. G. Ferguson, working at the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium in Saskatchewan, was among the pioneers in developing the practice of vaccination against tuberculosis. A reactive tuberculin skin test is a contraindication to BCG. Ce test peut d’ailleurs être effectué à tout âge, mais n’est pas nécessaire si l’enfant est vacciné avant 3 mois. Les prénoms pour filles issus des séries phares de Netflix, Le top des escape games à organiser à la maison, Bébé : comment le protéger des intempéries. Si toute la dose a déjà pénétré sous la peau, la personne est considérée comme vaccinée et on ne reprend pas l’injection. [24][25] By 2014 there were more than eight different considered biosimilar agents or strains used for the treatment of non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). Statens Serum Institut in Denmark markets BCG vaccine prepared using Danish strain 1331. BCG : vaccin contre la tuberculose Vérifié le 01 avril 2019 - Direction de l'information légale et administrative (Premier ministre) La vaccination contre la tuberculose n'est plus obligatoire. Depuis 2007, le BCG n’est plus obligatoire pour les enfants. Il n’intervient pas de façon significative sur l’épidémiologie de la maladie, c’est-à-dire sur le niveau de protection collective, contrairement à bien d'autres vaccins (DTP, rubéole, rougeole...). Par contre, les effets secondaires peuvent se produire : Coaching Remise en forme après bébé Par Lucile Woodward I 1er mois, Méthode Bonapace : pour se préparer en couple, Sortir son bébé quand il fait froid : les bons gestes à adopter, Shopping : les plus beaux calendriers de l'Avent 2020, Noël 2020 : notre top des jouets fabriqués en France, Noël 2020 : notre shopping cadeaux (diaporama).

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