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prague température novembre

How sunny is it in Prague in November? November weather forecast for Prague, Czech Republic. Prague begins to get colder in November, as the winter season begins. Le climat à Prague en décembre est humide avec 85 mm de pluie sur 15 jours. Weather data for Prague for november are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Prague. [692029], Weather Atlas | © 2002-2020 | Yu Media Group d.o.o. Si vous visitez Prague au mois de novembre, vous pouvez vivre trois fêtes très importantes pour les Tchèques : la Toussaint (1er et 2 novembre), la Saint-Martin et surtout la célébration de la Révolution de velours (17 novembre). Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. The lowest is -16.9°C. Note that these seasonal averages are in contrast with those observed in Prague in the month of november with a maximum record of 65°F in 2015 and a minimum record of 23°F in 2010. Daytime temperatures usually reach 7°C in Prague in November, falling to 1°C at night. Months with the lowest UV index are January, February, November and December (UV index 1). Averages are for Prague Ruzyne Airport, which is 8 miles from Prague. During the night it can cool down. November ends the autumn season in Prague as the temperatures drop quickly. Despite this, the climatic conditions in Prague do not improve. Cette dernière, entre le 16 novembre et le 29 décembre 1989, a mis fin au régime communiste en Tchécoslovaquie. The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is May (77.2mm). The month with the highest number of rainy days is June (10.3 days). The driest month (with the lowest rainfall) is February (22.6mm). The hottest temperature ever registered in the city during this month is 17°C and the coldest temperature ever recorded here at this time of year is -14°C. Last updated today at 17:05. There is often snowy and temperatures can be freehing at night. Moreover, a thick cloud covering in the morning does not play in favor of the sun. Weather Atlas: Prague, Czech Republic - November weather forecast and climate information. Months with the lowest relative humidity are April, May and July (70%). Want to organise your holiday inPrague Take a look at the weather forecast without delay! Prague Theatre in November 2020 Dates: 01 November 2020 - 30 November 2020 Visit a Prague theatre for a typically Czech experience. The highest temperature ever recorded in Prague in November is 19.5°C. This means that the weather in Prague throughout November during the first ten day period is often morose. November to March sees roughly the same amount of rainfall but note that it will start getting windy so if it’s cold you’ll appreciate gloves and a hat that covers your ears. The destinations are displayed with objective criteria (climate, budget, activities ...) and are not related to any commercial offers. | Resources, Multiple bridges over water in Prague, in the Czech Republic, with several mountains in the distance, In Prague, Czech Republic, the average relative humidity in, In Prague, the average length of the day in, In Prague, Czech Republic, the average daily maximum UV index in. Le climat est passablement froid dans cette localité en ce mois de décembre. November ends the autumn season as the temperatures drop quickly. The month with the highest average low temperature is July (11.9°C). We use cookies and other tracking technologies on the website to improve your browsing experience, display personalized content and targeted ads, analyze website traffic, and learn where our visitors are coming from. Martin arrives on a white rose”. La météo ne s'arrange pas par rapport au mois précédent puisqu'en novembre on enregistre en moyenne 40 mm de précipitations sur 8 jours. Normal weather temperatures are about zero degrees Celsius in the winter and about 25 degrees Celsius in the summer months. La température moyenne en novembre à Prague est de 6°C et les précipitations sont en moyenne de 38 mm. En résumé, le climat en novembre est Peu favorable . Current weather in Prague and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days Prague Weather in November Weather in Prague is a little brisk and chilly with temperatures ranging between 6°C (43°F) to 1°C(33°F). provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. In November, the rains continue to be scarce. Who isn’t a fan of live music? Prague Weather and Temperatures in November 2019 In November, when Winter is near, the average temperatures vary from 9°C (48°F) to -1°C (30°F). In 2019 Christmas Day was 55°C and cloudy and in 2018 it was 2°C and sunny. Average temperatures should be around 5 degrees C give or take a couple but in Prague it will still feel warmer because the ground is starting to give up it’s warmth. The month with the lowest number of rainy days is October (5.5 days). St. Catherine´s day is on November 25 so you can check this proverb quiete soon. The month with the highest snowfall is January (179mm). You get about 8 to 9 hours of daylight time with just about 4 hours of sunshine every day. With morning temperatures just over 5° C, the day appears cold. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July August September October November December The average temperature for the city starts at 5.5°C (42°F), and reaches 9°C (48.2°F) during the daytime and lowers down at … One Czech proverb says: St. Catherine on ice, Chrismtas on mud. These are extremes, but they indicate how diverse the weather can be in the Czech Republic at this time of the year. The warmest month (with the highest average high temperature) is July (24°C). Expect snowfall that can occur in the afternoon as well as at night. When the weather is good the temperature could be even + 14°C, when it’ raining the temperature is +6 – +9°C, after dark it lows of +2°C. Prague looks like a fairytale in wintery weather and at the end of December, you have a 42% of some snow. This is due to the fact that, despite the rise in temperature in the middle of the day, the atmosphere remains cold. Not only will the temperatures rise but the pleasant heat and the regression of rain will also allow to spend sunny days discovering … We recommend you visit Prague any time from March to November when you will find the Prague weather pleasant enough. Does it Snow in Prague at Christmas? Prague Weather in November: Prague is well on its way to winter, with temperatures dropping significantly throughout November. See a Major Concert. Prague gets very poor level of sunshine – which is less than two hours a day. La nuit les températures chutent à 3°C et la journée elles peuvent atteindre 8°C . Prague Weather in November . Temperature (°C)-1 0.4 4.4 8.8 13.9 16.9 18.7 18.5 14.3 9.3 3.6 January February March April May June July August September October November December; Avg. Weather Forecast Prague: Weather forecast in November. Prague Weather in October . Meteo Prague - République Tchèque ☼ Longitude : 14.42 Latitude : 50.09 Altitude : 203m ☀ Plus grande ville et capitale de la République tchèque, située dans la région de Bohème, traversée par la Vitava (Moldau en allemand), Prague b Prague en novembre, République tchèque : Le climat attendu pour le mois de novembre à Prague. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cold 7°C (44°F), whilst at night 1°C (34°F) is normal. So you can pack your bags or check for the best time in year to go to Prague. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Prague in November is 0.0°C (32°F). Although the capital of the Czech Republic is a beautiful city full of history and culture, its weather in the late autumn months is brisk and chilly, making it … Thus, the mean temperature average on this month of november in Prague is 45°F. ... En novembre, à Prague, les températures minimales varient de 0 le matin à 6 degrés l'après midi. Météo Prague - Prévisions météorologiques à 14 jours. Averages The average temperature ranges from lows of 2°C with highs of 9°C. There are normally 2 hours of bright sunshine each day in Prague in November - that's 20% of daylight hours . Very famous Czech proverb for Prague temperature in winter. How Cold Is Prague In November? To help you prepare for your trip, Easyvoyage brings you the tourist weather comfort index. Hello. November is in the fall / autumn in Prague and is typically the 4th coldest month of the year. November is a great time to visit Prague if you have a lot of sightseeing planned because temperatures are comfortable without being too hot. So, you need to equip yourselves with adequate warm clothes, jackets, and scarves to sustain the cold! Prague in the Middle of August. The month with the lowest average high temperature is January (0.4°C). These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Prague in november. Hourly Local Weather Forecast, weather conditions, precipitation, dew point, humidity, wind from and The Weather Channel Evenings can be chilly, too, as the sun sinks below the horizon. Au mois de novembre, la température extérieure moyenne est de 7°C, avec un minimum de 5°C et un maximum de 9°C. Prague is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year. Prague - Weather warnings issued 14-day forecast. The weather in Prague can vary slightly from year to year, but this data should limit surprises. Day by day forecast. © 2014-2020 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, Český Krumlov (South Bohemian Region) in november, Czech Republic in november: See full list of cities, for the best time in year to go to Prague, Travel budget and cost of living in Prague. It should not be forgotten that the climate throughout November in Prague corresponds to the winter and that the wearing of warm clothes is of importance in order to feel comfortable and well throughout one's stay in Prague. You can view the weather statistics for the whole month, but also by clicking on the tabs for the beginning, the middle and the end of the month. The month with least sunshine is December (Average sunshine: 1.5h). En savoir plus . The month with the longest days is June (Average daylight: 16.3h). The average monthly precipitation for Prague in December is 20mm, spread out between 12 rainy days and 11 snowy days. Warmest and Coldest Novembers in Prague. Les précipitations moyennes sont de 31 mm, pour 23 jours sans pluie. There is a margin of error and these forecasts are to be considered as general information only. Indeed, the winter has already installed itself with temperatures varying between 5° C and 9° C. Moreover, it is not unusual to see the magnificent Czech capital invaded by fog at sunrise or even at nightfall. Historically, the first snow used to appear in this month and there is a saying that “St. Les données sur la météo: température, pluie/neige, vent, humidité, pression,... pour Prague Certainly, the temperatures continue to descend but the sky, often cleared, gives way to magnificent sunny days. The average temperatures are in the 0.6°C (33.1°F) to 6.7°C (44.1°F), and the … Black light theatre is a mix of dynamic dance routines, mime artists, animated film, and state-of-the-art visual and audio effects. Prague in November is not for those who can't tolerate the chill of autumn. Vérifiez la météo sur les 5 dernières années à vos dates de séjours This month is known as a chilly month. Forecast - Prague. Months with the lowest snowfall are May, June, July, August and September (0mm). The month with the highest UV index is June (UV index 7). At this time of year, the average temperature for the city starts off at 5.5°C, created by highs of 9°C during the daytime and lows of 2°C after dark. Prague has a great selection of music venues … Here is the day by day recorded weather in Prague in november 2020: Click over cities on the map for information about the weather in november. The average maximum temperature lies around 6.0°C (42.8°F). The weather in Prague in November is quite tricky, sunny days could quickly change into cloudy or even rainy ones. Check below seasonal norms These datas are set from the weather statements earlier years of the month of november. Months with most sunshine are June and July (Average sunshine: 7.3h). You wish to visit Prague in Czech Republic in november : check how are the weather and seasonal norms below. The amount of rain/snow in November is normal with an average of 32mm (1.3in). The weather in Prague in the month of november comes from statistical datas on the past years. ☀ Quelle est la température extérieure à Prague en novembre ? On this month of november, day length in Prague is generally 09:03. The second ten days of the month will provide a wonderful weather in Prague throughout August. The coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) is January (-5.4°C). Prague weather averages (imperial / metric) Months with the highest relative humidity are January, November and December (85%). Get the monthly weather forecast for Prague, Prague, Czechia, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. In mid-November, weather conditions improve slightly. Towards the end of November, despite a slight increase in temperatures, the improvement is barely felt because the cold is still persistent - especially as the weather throughout November in Prague is rather gloomy. The month with shortest days is December (Average daylight: 8.2h). October in Prague definitely feels like fall, with cool afternoons and chilly nighttime temperatures that last into the morning hours. Of course, if you come at the beginning of November you have a better chance of somewhat warmer days than if you come later. Weather warnings issued. However, one still has the opportunity to admire Prague beneath a blanket of snow. Climat, température et météo à Prague. The average high has dropped 4 degrees to 9°C, while the low is just 1°C, bringing a possibility of snow, though it’s …

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