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best instagram accounts to follow

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Best of all, most of the posts are short videos, so you can laugh a little longer. Their Instagram captions use puns, emojis, hashtags, and quizzes to create a fun vibe that matches the vibrancy of their photos. All you need to be is yourself. Check out this top 21 List of the Best Runners to Follow on Instagram for Running Tips, Inspiration, Motivation and more! When the rap queen said "Instagram, another flawless pic" on Beyoncé's "Flawless (Remix)," she wasn't kidding. You don’t want to go around making enemies. While the grids can look weird in the Newsfeed, they look pretty cool while you scroll through someone’s Instagram profile. Her real friends get repeated love while her real love, Wavves' Nathan Williams, is kept pretty discreet. It might be the most comprehensive look online at how a TV show gets made. Grab your phone and get ready to check out the best Instagram accounts to follow in 2019 and with that make sure your feed actually helps you become a better version of yourself! It’s time for a brief paws on the humans who are crushing it on Instagram to give a shout-out to a four-legged superstar: . If you’re interested in runway or sidewalk fashion, check out his profile for inspiration from the striking photographs he takes. Their Instagram captions sometimes tell the stories of their own adventures and travels while giving a subtle nod to the book in the picture. How’d she become so popular? Their watches are geared to a specific type of audience – namely military folks – and they build their Instagram account to cater to them. Creating photos this way is a simple way to differentiate your photos from competitors in your niche. The Beige Cardigan Instagram account is guaranteed to give you a chuckle. If you're ever in Los Angeles, Cosentino will probably convince you to stay there, because she seems like a genuinely solid hang. while putting down basic bitches in a big ol' Kentucky twang? We have Attitude Captions, Love Captions, Caption for Smile, Funny Instagram captions for … Their photos are often credited to the same photographer, which helps maintain a consistent style that keeps men coming back to their page. Cooper's work exposed countless people to the nascent street movement known as "hip-hop" and at 72, her feed continues to espouse her love of the genre: It's a self-described "mix of graff, street art, hip hop & everyday life." There's definitely no lack of adorableness available on this account, especially since it's hard to tell whose eyes are smoldering you the most: the man or the animal. … .Darth Vader? In fact, her feed looks like a mood board created by the subconscious mind: giant plastic fingernails, a floor plan with passageways for ghosts, a poodle with a bouffant. Chrissy Teigen's life would be supremely jealousy-inducing if her entire Internet presence weren't so endearing. Considering how the Kardashians use their personal brands to sell products, influencers can learn a few tricks from studying KKW Beauty. Raskalov's Instagram feed, which includes hundreds of photos taken from atop ridiculously massive structures throughout the world — and which often feature legs or other body parts dangling precariously over cityscapes far below — is awe-inspiring and vertigo-inducing. From posts that share messages like “You are not a burden” to t-shirts that read “love you love people,” it’s pretty clear that this brand loves harder than most. If. As serious as the work often is, the sense of fun behind the scenes is nearly as inspiring. His Instagram account isn’t only about him being a doctor. The brainchild of best friends Jules and Gebs, @RavveBeauty is the Instagram account dedicated to showcasing and celebrating all that is disturbing, disarming and alluring when it comes to underground beauty. And a surprising number of men fully reclining on mall benches, staring up at their smartphones — perhaps checking out their fellow miserable men on Instagram. Bring it. The account for the Parks and Recreation star's online community dedicated to empowering young girls and women is as awesomely motivational as you'd expect from the erstwhile Leslie Knope. A scan through Seattle artist Spencer Hibert's Instagram page is like an intense, sensory-overloaded flashback to your best acid trip. is totally and completely Swift-y: Yes, there are plenty of photos of Swift dancing at awards shows or celebrating her birthday with Jay Z and Beyoncé. And she’s not afraid to elevate those around her by giving them shout-outs. You can create vertical photos by clicking the icon with two arrows in the app. While they’re pretty open about showing off their inspiring t-shirts and store products, the real love from this Instagram account comes from their inspiring quote posts. However, instead of showing the product he shares a finished batch of delectable cookies. "I told my friend to take a picture of me standing under a tree while I look away in another direction. When you start your account, Instagram encourages you to connect with people you already know. While it’s pretty cool seeing engineering toys geared to young girls, it’s spectacular that each Instagram post is also catered to a younger audience. His feed could double as the scrapbook of a suave secret agent who hobnobs with political leaders and kicks back in swanky resorts. Everyone has bad days so it’s great to see a brand spread more positivity in the world. Brandon Stanton would photograph random people in NY and tell their story in the photo caption. If being up at 5 a.m. every morning to make your thighs look like this leads to photo ops like this and shares in the biggest box-office hits of this millennium, suddenly hashtag mantras à la #JustGottaGoWithIt seem more inspirational than insipid. lighting a fat J . As much as we enjoy being inspired, titillated and amused by Instagram, there are some times when we just want one thing: cute animal photos, and lots of them. She recently posted a picture of toast burning up in flames in a toaster that read “Burnt Out.” Her caption detailed a relatable story about her struggles with exhaustion. They’ll show a before picture of a person sweating in a competitor’s dress shirt. All you need to be is yourself. James’ Instagram account shows that to succeed on Instagram all you need to do is play to your strengths. 24 Dog Memes That Will Always Make Us Laugh. This guy was named the World’s Best Pastry Chef last year, so it’s safe to say he’s a pretty big deal. So don’t be afraid to use neutral color palettes to add a pop of color with plants or flowers. What's the next best thing to hitting the beach first thing in the morning? Every picture highlights the long flowing hair of the customer. If you’re looking for outside of the box ideas, this Instagram account should be your first choice. He shows that you can totally have a consistent brand while also showing off other parts of who you really are. ’s photos, you’ll find visual patterns throughout most of their photos proving that their photographers know exactly what they’re doing. Most of the feed is devoted to photos of the items the TSA has confiscated from luggage at various airports — and the only proper reaction to it is WTF?!? Richards' photos also take his followers to the furthest reaches of the Earth literally. are sassy and remind you that you can still have a massive impact regardless of what obstacles get thrown your way. Now, that’s some good photography! Looking for Instagram accounts to follow? Mizzen + Main showcases their menswear line with a thoughtful approach. And that is why Josh Ostrovsky is the one with 4.4 million followers, a book deal and two TV shows sold. They help you escape your everyday life and see the world’s greatest wonders while scrolling through your phone. The real lesson to learn from this Instagram account is to spread positivity in the world and build strong relationships with your customers. Kim Kardashian's Instagram presence is so legendary that she was able to publish a successful book filled with her selfies. In the Seventies and Eighties, former New York Post photographer Martha Cooper was introduced to the then-bourgeoning graffiti scene and eventually became one of the underground art form's most vocal and prolific supporters. On Instag | Top Best Captions for Instagram and Facebook. But it’s done in an Instagram-friendly documentary kind of way. Their inspirational posts? She shares glimpses of, photos and videos with her fans. Oberlo, of course! 100 Best Instagram Accounts PRESENTED BY SEE THE FULL LIST. His unique Instagram photos include cookie designs in the same consistent style. It’s not surprising that a professional designer would end up on this list. The best Instagram accounts to follow tend to speak directly to their target audience. But mostly, it's just fun to live through this guy — who's both enjoying and paining-and-gaining through his profile as one of pop culture's most entertaining and prolific performers — in pictures. It's virtually impossible to be impervious the nonstop charm tornado that is Chris Pratt. Other times, they’ll give a synopsis of what the book is about. While Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t even make up 16% of her personal followers, her brand still made an astounding, in under three years. Instagram isn’t only for adults, it’s for kids too! No matter what he's shooting, Schuman has a knack for making it look beautiful. Refersion helps you track sales and pay influencers for sponsored posts. However, showing customers using your products can really help you build a massive Instagram following. From sticking-out-your_tongue photos to people flashing peace signs to pictures from real customers, Flavnt Streetwear represents authenticity at its finest. By living her fabulous life. Their products? And he constantly teaches his fans to face their biggest fears by facing them himself. Instagram accounts can’t get much more flawless than, ’s. Humans of NY was the first of its kind when it first launched. The power couple regularly troll each other on Instagram and it always makes headlines because it’s just hilarious to watch. While it may be tempting to have square photos, Ayr clearly likes setting themselves apart from the pack. They don’t merely place their book on the table, they also introduce other elements into the picture like snacks, coffee, or people to make the picture look more natural and visually appealing. Where their products are made is just as much a part of their brand story as their products themselves. The comedienne's account provides a glimpse into her day-to-day — which, if you're Schumer, means text-message convos with Colin Quinn, crawling alongside Kim and Kanye on the red carpet and pukey Scuba-diving excursions. Thanks to posts that occasionally border on being as surreal as her paintings and lyrics, it's never dull. By having an ambassador program, you can potentially gain more followers and increase your store’s sales. The real lesson here is that it’s not just about what you post on your Instagram account, but how you engage with other people. Gomez is a person that most people can relate to. Adele reminds everyone not to take yourself too seriously and to be a positive force in a world of negativity. . Cam'ron fills his wildly entertaining feed with memes, old high school basketball photos and shots of female fans posing with unusual merch — everything from medical masks to shower curtains. The 15 Best Happy Birthday Memes of 2020. As Robert Mapplethorpe once said: "The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer.” For media creators, inspiration is as important as the air we breathe. Instead, their hair products are shown out in the wild – in front of the Eiffel Tower, at the beach, strolling through the country. And once you see one of their pictures, it’s instantly recognizable. Interpretations of bootylicious celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj and Beyoncé, meanwhile, include balloons attached to the skinny teen's backside. And her Instagram is like a lovely travelogue that follows the artist as she journeys to various destinations (New York City, Tokyo, San Sebastian) and checks out different art galleries around the world. But he’ll also add text to the top and bottom of his videos to try to get people to watch that specific piece of content and hook ‘em in. His iconic videos revolve around reenacting movies and TV shows. Let’s get started! Go check her profile out! Why? What can you learn from Sweet Daze Dessert Bar? copy of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio follows a pro photo congratulating his "Nike brother" Paul George on his return from injury. And they're glorious: Whether you need to see a kitten cuddling with a stuffed toy, a cat in a bunny costume or a chill dog on a skateboard, these accounts have you covered. Primarily still shots and videos of himself in training: running sprints, lifting weights, hauling sledges and generally being awesome. Start a business and design the life you want – all in one place. , it’s pretty safe to say you won’t regret following Tattly, unlike that permanent tattoo you got about your ex. The Walking Dead's gentleman hero Glenn, was a refreshingly modest TV star, his Instagram account would prove you intuitive. Follow him here. Yung Jake was a rapper, CalArts grad and Internet trickster when he found his truest form of expression: He would arrange and repeat tiny cartoons of faces, fruit, buildings and hamburgers until they came to resemble the likeness of a famous entertainer, like post-modern pointillism. Their photos often include a touch of greenery, which helps bring the photo to life. National Geographic's visuals have been the stuff of photography legend for nearly a century, making the magazine's Instagram the primo destination for virtual globetrotting. With consistent themes of patterns, color contrasts, and visual balance, all the rules of photography are perfectly executed. They help you escape your everyday life and see the world’s greatest wonders while scrolling through your phone. When it comes to creativity, each Instagram post is packed with it. It's based on their website, Betches Love This, a sort of College Humor meets Stuff White People Like with a dash of Tucker Max crossed with Cosmo. Nobody put it together until after the fact. Her feed is as hyperactive as she is, a pastiche of classy magazine covers, daffy sayings that celebrate risk and rebellion and homages to bacon. Some posts are just pathetic, like the person who owns up to being a heel but still hopes his backpack won't be burned and the desperate drunk pleas for cuddles (or Netflix passwords). Living a life that falls somewhere between a teenage boy's fantasy and that of a James Bond villain, Dan Bilzerian has attracted nearly 10 million Instagram followers by flaunting his wealthy bad-boy exploits. Beardbrand is one of those Instagram accounts that just keeps growing on you. Her quotes are relatable. The 2011 TED Prize winner, whose identity is cloaked in mystery, hangs out of helicopters, dangles off cranes and brushes shoulders with Robert De Niro while transforming public locations into challenging pieces of art by flyposting massive black-and-white photographic images onto buildings and streets. James’ Instagram account shows that to succeed on Instagram all you need to do is play to your strengths. And he constantly teaches his fans to face their biggest fears by facing them himself. Sometimes the best Instagram accounts find inspiration from the most unexpected situations. Wannabes, take note. And she’s not afraid to elevate those around her by giving them shout-outs. Her brother David may shun the Internet, but the Strangers With Candy cult icon is an Instagram aficionado. The most popular, however, effortlessly locate that ineffable sweet spot between silliness and profundity — a baby wrapped up like a burrito got 150,000 likes. Their Instagram pictures show customers wearing their sunglasses out and about. The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for DIY Inspiration. You can use a tool like 9square, an Instagram app that’ll cut your picture into a grid, and post the entire grid to Instagram. If you’re looking for the answers to good skin days, Soko Glam is the account to follow. In between, @ChampagnePapi hosts fan-made memes (i.e. With consistent themes of patterns, color contrasts, and visual balance, all the rules of photography are perfectly executed. GoldieBlox’s posts are positive, playful, gamified, and colorful pictures. In many ways, LeBron is the perfect superstar for the social-media age: His Instagram account is a mishmash of the casually tossed off and the precisely manicured, at once compellingly human and perfectly calculated. The resulting images are sometimes gritty and noir-ish, sometimes epic and dystopian — like lost frames from Blade Runner — and always fearless. When Drake has something to get off his chest, he writes it in a song. in the beauty niche, use Kylie Cosmetics as inspiration instead of just winging it. Recently, it's featured men with a flair for both formal and casual dress, women who can layer and dress simply with verve, lushly composed street scenes in Milan, bright purple flowers bordering a door in Capri, scrumptious-looking fried spaghetti and a stark shot of a New York City building. The best fitness instagram accounts all have two things in common: 1) they don't peddle in fads and 2) they're pretty badass. To showcase their phone cases’ durability they created a video of a hammer smashing their phone yet leaving it unscathed. With awkwardly-posed selfies, screen grabs of Twitter status updates and shout-outs to her favorite designer shoe brands, Kerry Washington's Instagram doesn't seem all that different from your best friend Sally's. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. With a minimum age of 13 to sign up for Instagram, GoldieBlox promotes their engineering toys on Instagram. He shows that you can totally have a consistent brand while also showing off other parts of who you really are. He’ll steal your heart with his down to earth posts. Just what you think it is (unless you think it's men named Richard or members of the Tea Party). Follow this Instagram profile, if you want to see dogs relaxing, eating, playing, sleeping, and everything else you can think of! Doubled up contact lenses, iridescent face shimmer, obscure facial piercings, heads shaved to look like … Feeling nostalgic for the 70s?

Reconnaissance Anticipée Par La Mère, Chercheur En Biotechnologie Salaire, Architecte D'intérieur Junior Salaire, Creer Une Visite Virtuelle 360° Gratuit, Corps Ruchette 6 Cadres, Hernani Acte 1, Cinéma St Barth, Voyage Thaïlande Janvier 2021, Licence Pro Rh Et Management, Recette Escalope Crème Champignon Moutarde,

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