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leica argentique m7

I know the Leica and the Contax are very different cameras, but I did not like the images that came back from the Leica. I have found this camera to be the least intuitive camera I have ever used (which is difficult considering its knobs are so simple). Description Tech Specs The Modern Classic Classics are works that are immune to the passing whims of the present. The M7 has no self timer, so you always have to remember to bring a conventional cable release. Your M7 may be different, and they may be different at different temperatures. The Nikon FE actually works at automatic speeds well above it's maximum marked 1/1,000, but if "1000" is blinking in the M7's finder, you really are going to overexpose. You can reference that post for more info on rangefinder focusing. The M7 has a few design flaws I've seen personally. This is definitely a breeze in the Leica while a lot more dexterity is required to reuse the film without damaging it, in the Nikon N8008s. Hope this helps and keep at it and eventually you’ll love the M7 so much you will want to go fully manual and buy an MA! At longer speeds, instead of one click, you'll hear two softer clicks, with silence in between. I think the film comparisons could be flawed…did you meter the same way for both? I load the film with the least amount of leader, wind past just one frame, and shoot the next frame: frame 0. Your three pairs are 28mm and 90mm, 35mm and 135mm, or 50mm and 75mm. A landscape in full moonlight reads 8 seconds with no lens at ISO 50. If you take the bottom off a screwmount Leica, you see a diagram that shows the leader on the film it requires. You could spend as little as possible by getting an M8, but they are getting long in the tooth now and some of them will definitely be reaching the upper limits of the sensor lifetime. (New cells measure 100% on the ZTS and 3.13 ~ 3.20V, open circuit.). With a 50mm lens and 81A filter (1/3 stop factor), it reads 8s (varies between 4s-16s) at f/2 at ISO 400. The M7 is all about being able to run far and fast, and shoot quietly and unseen. The Leica M7 and the 35mm f/2 lens are simply not the right camera set up for me! Not only do I have that camera but also that lens, and my lens hood has never fallen off. For sure I would have made a lot more pictures. Not only a meter but AE to boot. As an alternative to the familiar manual method of exposure adjustment - which, of course, can still be used - the LEICA M7 offers a convenient, continuously variable, aperture priority mode with an exposure lock via the shutter release. I shoot my M7 digitally, full-frame, by sending my film to NCPS and having them make hi-resolution, low-cost automated scans of all frames at the same time they develop my film. An enhanced and complimentary version, … In my M7 the process is similar, a few more steps, it does require to thread the film leader, align over the gear teeth, in the spool, close the door place the bottom cap, wind the film and press the shutter release a couple times to get the ready for the first shot. January 2009: $4,600 new or about $2,000 used. I much prefer the viewfinder that shows me exactly how my crop will be when I click the shutter. The rangefinder spot on earlier models is often flared in cross light; cover the bright line (fluted) window or move your eye to the left to fix this. My M7 seems to work great even with batteries which test as dead in other cameras. I personally I photographed mostly scenery (so inanimate objects), and even with that, I had to spend a lot of time making sure the image was in focus. Rotate the switch to hide the red dot and you're ready to shoot. By checking this box I consent to the use of my information, as detailed in the Privacy Policy. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. I left the settings on aperture priority for the meting and every frame was exposed correctly (well at least my lab told me that when they scanned my film). It’s not anything like it. With a $4,300 camera body? The flaws are: 1.) I advance the film one frame to make sure of the film take-up and then close the back flap and re-fit the camera base. At this point, I was getting pretty tired of this camera, because it has mostly just given me troubles. And 35mm cannot compare to 120 film (apart from ease of use/convenience/price). The image on the left has some strange lines happening in the sky. This old blog post (that I never saw until now) and the ensuing comments clearly reveal several things: film still has a following and, a blog about a Leica M product never fails to produce seething emotions one way or the other! Just like a gun, you can leave a loaded, cocked M7 sitting around for ages, and it's ready to go off the instant anyone pulls the trigger. Unfortunately the Leica marketing department did not sell the M6 Titanium correctly -- dooming it to an early death. The flash bolt stays on if the flash made a good auto exposure, otherwise, the meter and finder displays disappear immediately after taking a picture. Even a $35 Pentax ME does this. I make a lot of long exposures at night, so I particularly like the M7. For both, the only limit of how long you can leave them sitting around is someone stealing it. The trigger pull of the M7 is inferior to earlier Leicas. And image to the right has intense chromatic aberrations. PL provides various digital photography news, reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides to photographers of all levels, By Laura Murray 109 CommentsLast Updated On July 19, 2020. The shutter is powered by batteries. Film cartridges usually hang in their chamber when unloading. It is a very expensive camera, and in my opinion, the images that I was able to produce from the Leica were not of high enough quality to warrant the price. Then it smoothly tapers up to the other side of the film (not cutting through a sprocket hole). The manual showed how to load film (this was my first time using this specific type of film camera), but I still had to Google and search for a how-to video for instructions. All vehicles will get there but some will do it in a different style – even if they cost many times more than the family Chevy or Ford. Use flash. I have a Polaroid 180 camera that I posted about here, that has rangefinder focusing. The best bar none. You don't have to worry about charging batteries or boot-up and set-up times; either goes off the instant you pull its trigger, even years from now. So I was able to capture both bright and dark area equally good. You see, being a successful photographer just means you know how to work the business end of your tripod. So, I was excited to see what all the hype was about. I had a feeling I was going to love this camera! For longer exposures stopped down, meter wide-open, calculate the necessary stopped-down exposure in your head, stop down the lens, and use Bulb to count it off. I ended up with 22 frames from a 24 exposure roll of film. The basic operation of the exposure system is a simplified version of the system of the Nikkormat EL of 1970. Post a comment. With those cameras, it's a constant pressure as you press it further until the shutter just goes off. There is no shutter cocked indicator, like on the Pentax K1000. Diopter Correction: Available optionally from -3 to +3. The M7 excels for tripod work at night, with the ability to make automatic exposures as long as 38 seconds. They are never rewritten, but re-interpreted on the basis of a changed world. I noticed that people regard Leica very highly. The finder is corny, as most Leicas have been since the M4-P of 1980. The view through the finder is slightly polarized, meaning you might get results with slightly different tones than you see in the finder for highly polarized subjects. The power switch is OK for gloves, but you don't need to use it except if putting the M7 away in a tight bag. I have been using a couple of M6 Leicas for around 15 years and can honestly say that loading couldn’t be simpler! It's just that I'm not one for gushing over the good points, while I love detailing the bad. I know this is a rather old review at this point and you likely don’t care about it anymore, moved on, for on with your work Etc. Like I expected, it produced high contrast clear image. Concerning this article, I’m surprised Photography Life would choose someone who apparently never used a 35mm camera before to test the Leica M7. Stiffer clicks at the Auto setting are somewhat of a help finding them blind. This light weight encourages me to hike farther and get into places I'd be too lazy to try with DSLRs. Make the Leica an extension of your eye, of you (Cartier-Bresson) Push your film. "Oh no," they cry. © 2009 KenRockwell.com. You can derive your own figures by pointing your M7 at a wall and stopping the lens down by stops. This lets rangefinder cameras weigh much less, have sharper optics, vibrate less and make less noise than SLRs which require additional prisms, mirrors and mechanics, but it also means that you can't compose anywhere near as accurately as you can with an SLR because you're never looking through the lens. The 50mm frame has no bottom, just lower left and right corners. The 12mm central semi-spot meter would be great — on an SLR whose finder was accurate enough to let you know exactly where it is. Thank you for your time to comment and your suggestions! My M7 has worked perfectly down to 32ºF (0ºC), which is as cold as I've taken it for extended periods. Just like a gun, the only plastic on a LEICA might be the grip. 3.) Flash Mounting: Hot shoe – X-sync at up to 1/50th sec with TTL (up to 1/1000 with a Metz flash and SCA 3502 adapter. Anyway, I shoot all sorts of film and digital cameras. The digital LED readout was copied from the Canon A-1 of 1978 (the Canon A-1 also includes the aperture, which the M7 doesn't). It is vital that, before closing the back and fitting the bottom plate onto the camera, you check that the film engages with the camera’s internal sprocket teeth before closing the camera’s back. And, importantly, find a ‘mentor’ in the Leica M world to show you the ropes (not always easy here in northern NM, for instance, but always a good start to learning anything new. As I describe below, I was underwhelmed with the images that it produced. You can't cheat as you can in many Oriental SLRs. Thanks! I think you are under the misconception that a camera “gives” you images. M7 is a lot more rigid than my N8008s. Oddly, these two manual speeds are slightly quieter than the other electronically controlled speeds. Pop off the back, and try to get the film out. By comparison, current Oriental cameras (Nikon, Canon, Casio, Sony, etc.) Just came across this post. New M series Leica bodies only come along about once a generation, and when they do there is usually much gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts. (631.2g), measured as deployed with batteries and film, but no strap, cap or lens. While I got some “good” images back, overall I did not love them. But cutting a long leader like this wastes film,, and no cameras required it except pre-M Leicas (and Leica copies), which haven’t been made since the mid 1950s. The Leica is an easy camera to load, once you have the knack. The lens comes with a lens hood/flare shield that attaches to the front of the lens. I can use the superb Leica lenses. My Nikons or Leicas (anything from F6 to F, anything from M7 to 1f) with Zeiss or Leica glass cannot compete against my 120 Rolleiflexes, Mamiyas, Fujis. The slow rubberized cloth shutter curtains give a lousy sync speed, but a wonderfully quiet shutter. But then, they don’t, because in a way they are easy. I had a chance to use the Leica M7 TTL .72 rangefinder film camera together with the Leica 35mm f/2.0 Summicron M Aspherical lens for about a month and shot with this gear in different conditions and shoots. The 1970s LEDs are located below the image for 50mm and longer lenses. As I'll explain later, the M7 can meter exposures down into starlight, can clock-off manual bulb exposures out to 16 minutes, and can make bulb exposures of unlimited duration. The capture is exactly what I thought that I will make. The LEDs are on the bottom of your finder image for 35mm lenses, and in the middle of the lower half of your finder image with 28mm lenses. SLRs like Nikons don't have optics as good, and are too big and heavy. Leica rates it for about 60 rolls. The Leica requires two tiny non-rechargeable button batteries (3V Lithium) which are quite long-lasting. The AE Lock only locks the shutter speed, not the overall exposure, so if you tweak the aperture after AE Lock, you're tweaking the overall exposure. As for loading, fastest camera to load, if you got a blank roll, it’s not the cameras fault, it’s yours. Flawed ergonomic design of the film speed and exposure compensation setting dials, and. The M7 has a three-position feel as you press the shutter release. Leica is not churning out zillions of anything. You can't cheat in auto for speeds above 1/1,000; 1/1,000 is the real top speed. Meter with no lens (f/0.7 equivalent), and 12 minutes at f/0.7 is the same as 8.5 days at f/22. function getCacheBuster() { Therefore, I'm constantly getting error messages (a blinking LED dot) as my M7 misreads the DX codes from my film. I was done after 2 rolls. So bear with me. What have they done!" This is not a dig at digital users, but if you don’t try a film Leica at least once then I feel you are really missing out on the Leica experience. Again, I prefer the Contax 645. The first M camera to have an electronically controlled shutter which offers aperture priority semi-automatic exposure in addition to manual exposure. … All fun aside, the reason to love the M7 is to use the superb LEICA lenses, and its small size, low weight and very quiet operation. Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Camera (Silver) 3.4 out of 5 stars 5. The LEICA M7 has most of the features of a 1978 Nikon FE. Even though LEICA binoculars, rangefinders and scopes are used by sportsmen all around the world, it seems photographers don't hunt. (Of course never put guns away loaded or unlocked, but that's not part of this story. 12-minute exposure. The LEICA M7's digital readout requires quite a bit of in-your-head math to figure out the correct exposure for a scene where the highlights meter 1/250 and the darks read 1/45, while on the FE, all you do is look at the swing of the needle and aim for the center. my current favourite RF cameras are the Minolta CLE (was meant to be a Leica but Leica pulled the plug on the project) and the Hasselblad/Fuji Xpan. WOUND!! Leica M7 0.72 35mm Rangefinder Camera body black with 0.72 viewfinder magnification u.s.a. #10503 $6,995.00. However, I noticed the shadows were blocking in more than I prefer in many of my shots. Also, it is worth noting that you must make sure the lens cap is off when shooting because the camera is a rangefinder. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . It requires taking off your gloves to change film or lenses, and the shutter button can't always be pressed in far enough to release the shutter. Have you tried to change film and then put it back on? You have to interpret the Leica's simple but accurate readings and apply compensation as demanded by the brightness of the subject. Its time for my M7 to go in for service; this can't possibly be right. The Leica is the perfect sized camera, in my opinion. It’s good, but you still RELY on the EQ to get your shot as opposed to your own skill set. The Leica M features intuitive controls and is simple to use without superfluous functions or complicated menus. All images below were taken on the Leica and the film scans straight from my lab unless otherwise specified. LEICA lenses are equaled in the Contax G system, which is far more advanced than anything from Leica, as the Contax G has a superior viewfinder system, autofocus and high-speed motorized advance and rewind. ;) Thanks for your comment! At ISO 100, I would believe all the readings, even at 32 seconds. On ANY 35mm camera, you have to make sure the film was loaded properly and is moving through the camera. my older LeicaM4P also lacks a meter, so experience and a hand held meter are the only way to figure exposure. There is a reason the M7 doesn't read down to infinitely long times. You can use this to your advantage if you need to add exposure compensation. It's not as easy to try to grab the end of the film spool and pull. Contax G, Nikon SLRs and Canon EOS cameras all have the button on the correct side. Most importantly, along with the far more accurate SLR finder of the FE, the biggest advantage of the 1970s Nikon EM, EL, FE and FE2 is that they have far more precise and easy-to-read analog meter needles, while the M7 of today uses an LED digital shutter speed readout dug up from the 1970s. £5,858.81. Simple as that. It got up to past 38 so I decided to try to wind the roll. The digital displays suck by comparison, since you can't just eyeball it by how far the needle moves for different light and dark parts of your subject. If it's really dark, there are two more ways to cheat. Manual: ISO 6 ~ 6,400, and if you cheat and use the ±2 stops exposure compensation, ISO 1.5 ~ 25,600. One thing that I did like with this camera was the in-camera meter. 32 seconds - 1/1,000 second, regardless of set aperture. It’s fair to say, the Leica M7, for various reasons divides opinion, and it is this divide where I shall start. Above:  The photo on the left was taken on the Leica, the photo on the right taken with my Contax 645. You easily can read them from a foot behind the M7 while it's on a tripod, so its as if the M7 is projecting your exposure times out on your subject for your convenience in reading them without touching the camera! Upon farther searching on Facebook film forums, I am not the only one that has ended up with a blank roll—it happens quite frequently to new Leica users. There is no hinged back door as on Oriental cameras. What I love and hate about this camera is how manual the settings are. (Tho I rarely have the time and inclination to read ALL the comments when there are so many. This is good. Above: This comparison is the most similar. While I had heard lots of hype on how amazing the Leica film rangefinders are, upon further inspection, I have found quite a few people in the online film community equally as frustrated. So… when folks complain that Leica’s cost too much, I want to ask them do they, “enjoy working for free?” And then say, “please just enjoy the camera system of your choice and don’t let the fact you (perhaps) cannot easily afford a Leica system make you berate something you have never used – unless you practice some consistency and throw complaints at that guy driving the Ferrari!”. For instance, if it's too dark to read exposure at f/8, meter wide open. So I let it sit a few days, tried it again, and it seemed to work. It looks crummy in reviews like this, and even worse when you start comparing features. I asked a Leica expert and he said that based on what I told him, I will likely have a blank roll. Razor sharpe wide open and little or no distortion. "Rangefinder" means that you focus by lining-up a superimposed image in a separate viewfinder. By comparison, the M3 and M4-P (and Nikon F2) have perfect trigger pulls, where the shutter release button moves smoothly and with constant resistance to where the shutter releases. It's impossible to pull the finder preview lever away from the 28mm/90mm position. Leica M7 (body only, black) | 10503. 2.) Some of them were OK, but for an $8000 camera and lens combo, I was expecting more. One of them was blank, 1 got jammed, one I had to reload because it wasn’t advancing properly, and just one roll worked as expected. eBay is always a gamble, but all the other places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. $7,539.82. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème appareil photo, photographie, leica appareil photo. The meter should average across at least a fraction of a second to avoid this, but it doesn't. There is no window, and no box-end holder. I am so tired of lugging my heavy 5D Mark III or Contax 645 around. I shoot through frame 38, which gives me 39 perfect shots on each roll of Velvia 50. So something is definitely up with that package! I use a Nikon SC-17 cord to get TTL operation off-camera. I think camera companies have made their cameras more complex then they need to be. Interesting review. The lever below the finder lets you select any viewfinder frame without having to change lenses first. That's the window on the top right. I hated operation, especially film loading. LEICA M7 It took a while for it to dawn on me, and then I realized it's because holding a LEICA M7 feels just like holding a gun. Remember to attach each lens all the way! Leicas are not for everyone, They are not easy to use and take some time to get use too. The M7 comes along way as far as film M’s go. The Leica M7 was introduced in 2002 as the successor to the M6. Mainly as when talking about the Leica M7 there almost seems an elephant in the room. On the M7, you have to hit the shutter to see if the meter wakes up, or try to wind the film, or take off the lens and see if you see the big white dot on the shutter curtain. Today marks the passing of a legend, the venerable Leica M7. 4s - 1/1,000 in full stops in manual mode, also 1/50 for flash sync. Leica attempted to fix this problem not by eliminating DX coding as it should have, but instead by replacing the flaky electric contacts with IR LEDs. If you are still struggling with film loading, I would advise getting a roll and just keep practicing. To which my response is, "Get over it!". $5,499.00. I can use many, many other lenses that I cannot use in my N8008s. I believe older M7s can be updated to the IR-fogging DX design for about $600 and a three-month round trip to Germany. Obviously, they are very different cameras, but it is interesting to compare. It felt solid, but not too heavy (and not too light either). Leica users are a very conservative breed. There is no way I could use this camera at a wedding or anything fast-moving. £2,632.84. I can do this because I have to buy my own gear, not borrow it from a manufacturer I need to keep happy in the hope that he loans me more. Leicas make only the same simple click as a dry-fired gun, and they each make only the slightest ratcheting sounds when cocked. I've never found this to be a problem. Always fun to find new sources of inspiration. The strap lugs are solid, without the stainless steel inserts of better Nikons. 35mm film cameras are still a blast to shoot and can give fantastic, different, results. ), but part of me was wondering if I loaded the film correctly and if I was actually capturing images with every click of the shutter. This is where it excels. The LEICA M6 and M6 TTL are Leica's most advanced mechanical rangefinder cameras, and superb cameras by any gauge.. Laura: As you obviously love photography and are willing to experiment and write about your experiences, please give another Leica a test drive… a digital M240 or M10, for example, or a film M6. But if Andrey and others want to use these cameras, just cut the leader on modern film to match the dimensions on the diagram. You have to guess, or look in the finder and see the ISO show for two seconds every time you turn on the power. Leica M6 ou M7 . The light meter responds instantly to any change in light. The lens release button is on the wrong side. Every time I took off the lens cap, the lens hood snapped off as well. My biggest complaint is with the unreliable DX film speed sensor. You could just set your film speed manually, but sadly, the manual film-speed knob on the back plate of the M7 doesn't lock, so once set, it just might move by itself as you walk around. Although technology will no doubt ensure that cameras will change hands with greater rapidity than in the past. } In manual mode only, 1/60 and 1/125 work without batteries. It even has the same black-metal finish, not paint, enamel or epoxy like other cameras. Its lenses are superior to Nikon's and Canon's. Everyone is entitled to their opinion). as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may I opened the back of my camera, and my film was completely winded (despite the fact that I never felt the pressure of it winding). Exactly like a gun, the LEICA is completely devoid of any beepers, menus, rechargeable batteries, handling delays, booting-up, LCD displays or plastic. While I know some photographers are quite quick at it and love it, I am so very slow at it, despite my best efforts to practice. Andrey, I’m sorry you had so much trouble loading your Leica III — it wasn’t your fault. Leica M7 (body only, silver) 10504. When I first started shooting it, I noticed that this camera is very quiet (again, another plus in my book! I'm serious. Zone placements are obvious with an analog needle, but not with the M7's digital readout. They actually increase in value rather than deprecate even use. The manual never clearly states how you know if the batteries are low. If 32" is lit, even with a LOW arrow showing, you're probably fine. Doesn't care about 6-bit coding. You won't appreciate this until you hold one, but the main reason to shoot one of these is because it, and its lenses, are tiny. Another a design flaw, even though the film-speed setting doesn't lock, the exposure compensation setting does lock, and it locks at every third stop! I'm serious: this is a huge inconvenience of the M7. I never turn mine off; the M7's power switch is only a safety catch. Leica M7, Summilux-M 1:2/35 ASPH | Kodak TMAX 400. The meter does have its limitations, and won't read below a certain light level due to its own internal noise and leakage currents. You have to pull the camera away from your eye and fiddle with it every time you want to set compensation because you can't expect it only to lock at zero, as would a proper design.

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